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The Deuce (HBO)
& From Jappan (NYTVF)

Scheiss Book 

Madam Secretary (CBS)
Billy & Billie (DirecTV)

1962, 1963, 1964 (Indie)
Maggie In The Attic (SVA)


"Cumberbitch Anthem" (Main Wench)

New Amsterdam (NBC)
& Welcome to Bushwick (SlamDance)

The Examination (CUFF)
& Under The Blue Sky (Indie)

"Humble Brag"
(Feat. on Funny or Die, WhoHAHA)

"New Year's Eve" (Main Wench)

Tales of Toverud: A Mockumentary
Episodes 1-18 streaming at
Official Selection, Los Angeles Comedy Festival & Screenplay Competition

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